Hello , my name is

Christian Goben

Full-Stack Web Developer, Problem Solver, and Programming Addict

Logically Minded | Motivated By Creativity

Welcome to my personal website. This website features several examples of the skill I've gained at Centriq Career Training. From the HTML basics to the styling of web pages using CSS. This website is equipped with a functioning Navigation bar, images, external links, and soon to be so much more. Thank you for visiting, and be sure to visit my contact page for my personal phone number and email address.

Why I Chose Web Development

Web Development is something that has been on my mind since high school. I remember writing papers about what I wanted my future to look like and software development was always the tool that helped me get there. My father has been a software developer since I was a child, so technology has always been a part of my life. After high school and college, I focused on what made me happy, learning. Throughout high school and most of college, I was never really challenged academically. I wanted to do something that challenged me and had a deep learning curve, I wanted to excel at something new. Which brought me to Centriq, their fast-paced learning was exactly what I needed, we wasted no time from C# fundamentals to the highlights of website development I loved learning so much every day. Web development seemed like my calling years ago, but now that I am fully involved I can't wait to finish my track at Centriq so I can be a part of this community professionally.


Passionate team player actively looking for an open development position